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AI Decision Coordination’s on premise software analyses your data and calculates the success of tasks that are completed by automated AI, human resources, or augmentation that combines the two.

Key Benefits

Human and automated resource optimization

AI Decision Coordination calculates how to most effectively use your automated AI and human resources

Identifies the tasks that require human input

Fully leverage your human resources by differentiating the data points that require human input and knowledge for analysis

Flexible configuration

You decide how success is measured for your business with flexibly configuration parameters including cost, time, and efficiency metrics.

Identifies the tasks that can be automated

Avoid wasting human resources by differentiating the data points that are mundane and can be automated for analysis.

Key Wins


improvement in operational efficiency 

Financial Sanctions Monitoring

AI Decision Coordination is helping French back assess which alerts should be automatically closed, forwarded to analysts for decision making, or automatically escalated to a 2nd level. They will save billions in potential fines.

Fraudulent Wires Detection

With AI Decision Coordinator, a French bank resolved their Cost/Fraud detection dilemma - paving the way to cover every augmented Risk and Compliance process.


added in additional cost savings

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