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Unreal Data

Unreal Data is an enterprise cloud platform for creating scalable AI-based simulations across business domains using statistical data relationships. Millions of AI agents are trained to bring the unreal data to life with realistic, yet synthetic choices.


Create a synthetic data set based on your real structured data
Statistical fidelity

Rules-based approach learns realistic representations of sensitive data

Access & share

Share your data internally, externally, locally, or globally

Accelerate new product development
  • Larger volumes of data for load testing

  • Realistic data helps identify errors before data is pushed to production

  • Realistic test data


Generating structured synthetic data using simulations
No real data

Minimize risk; 100% pure synthetic 

Data flexibility

Recreate the data factors you need, whether internal, external, or entirely new

Better understand business scenarios

Powerful compute infrastructure & simulations can help you model and understand new events

Experiment in simulated vs real scenarios

Learn and experiment with "what-ifs" in simulated environments, rather than real, to save time & cost

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