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Conveyor AI

Conveyor AI is a low-code orchestration platform that allows users to connect APIs from leading vendors like Google, Microsoft, and IBM to create AI applications in minutes. Users can leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop environment to build out workflows that would normally require significant investments of time, effort and money from highly technical teams. 


Conveyor AI is a Red Dot Design Award winner for the 2023 Brands & Communication Design competition in the Interface & User Experience Design category. The Red Dot Award is an annual international competition recognizing design excellence with thousands of entries every year. 

What's Possible

Conveyor AI can create powerful AI applications in a matter of days, such as a developer productivity tool integrated into Slack.

Slack Bot_Code gen.png
Code Generation

Generate code from natural language prompts in the programming language of your choice.

Slack Bot_Test gen.png
Test Generation

Write unit tests to validate previously generated functions or any provided code.

Document Generation

Summarize findings to be generated as a markdown document in Github.

Additional Capabilities

The developer tool supports Q&A, code explanation, optimization, and bug detection.

"In terms of performance, it's incredible."

- Senior Software Engineer, Data & AI

"It’s going to be extremely helpful and improve our productivity."

- Site Reliability Engineer, Sustainability

"It's doing something extraordinary."

- Front End Developer, Automation

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